What To Do If a PDF Does Not Display Correctly in the Image Viewer

The problem: a PDF will not load, or when it does, there are issues with the document appearance

Your experience with PDF viewing may vary depending on your choice of
  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • Operating system
  • Device type
If you are having difficulty viewing a PDF, try opening it in Adobe Reader by clicking on the "download" button (just above and to the right of the image frame). You will be given the option of "saving" the PDF or "opening" the PDF with another viewer. You should open the PDF with the current version of Adobe Reader.

If you do not have the current version of Adobe Reader, click here to download it.

The problem: a PDF seems to freeze while loading

PDF's with many pages can take a considerable amount of time time to load. Make sure that your browser version is up to date. If performance is still an issue, you might find more success using another browser.